5 of the Most Fun Jobs in the World

5 Of The Most Fun Jobs In The World

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Most of us have got to go to work every day. Some of us like our jobs, some of us… may not. And lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my career and what I really want to do with my life, but that’s a conversation for another day…

The fact is, the majority of us go to work every day to make enough money to be able to have fun in the time outside of work. Without a job, you couldn’t easily treat yourself to meals out, vacations, new clothes and much more. But the question I’m posing today is: what if your job could be fun? Like really fun? Well it’s not as uncommon as you might expect. There are plenty of jobs you’ll wake up in the morning excited to start. We’ve picked five of our favorites. Check them out:

1. Flight attendants

Want several free vacations a year? Although a lot of flights have fast turnarounds and you’ll have to manage jet lag well, flight attendants get to stay in some pretty amazing locations from time to time. They’ve also been paid to get there, and will be given expenses for their trip.

What’s more, according to the Secret Traveller, the rumors are true. “This is a profession that almost seems custom-built for extra-marital dalliances among the staff – it’s all short layovers, far from home, in nice hotel rooms with plenty of booze in the mini-bar.”

5 of the Most Fun Jobs in the World

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2. Songwriter

Your job might be fun, but does it pay well? Being a songwriter delivers enjoyment and plenty of money. It’s also pretty easy, according to this list from The Richest of the easiest and best paying jobs in the world. Apparently, you don’t even need to know the technical side of music, as a lot of musicians are known to play things by ear.

All you need is a bit of inspiration and a couple of good songs. Music artists will then be able to use your material for commercial release. If you get lucky and it proves to be popular, you can expect to earn royalties for years to come – without doing any more work on it.

3. Taste testers

Enjoy food? Taste testing could be for you. Normally specializing in one or two food groups (e.g. chocolate or ice cream), you’ll eat your way through a decent supply of treats and could travel around the world in search of the best new flavors – all in the name of research.

You can be a tester of almost anything – duvets, waterslides, games, champagne or beer, for example. As the Telegraph says, they’re among the coolest jobs in the world. They explain the waterslide tester for First Choice looks for the biggest splash, as well as adrenaline rush. The duvet tester for John Lewis on the other hand is likely the only job in the world where sleeping is actively encouraged.

5 of the Most Fun Jobs in the World

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4. Tour guides

You might think some of the jobs on the list are unattainable. But almost anyone can be a tour guide. As long as you can quickly retain entertaining facts about particular locations and attractions, you’ll be able to see them up close and get generous tips for showing them to other people too. With opportunities across the globe, if you love traveling, it’s a job to consider. Get a bit of experience under your belt and you’ll be able to be a tour guide at the world’s most famous places.

5. Wildlife career

Okay, a lot of people wanted to be zookeepers when they were younger. But zoos aren’t necessarily the best places for looking after animals. What if you could spend time with animals in their natural habitat? Well, there was a job vacancy at Australia Tourist offering just that. The post said: “As Wildlife Caretaker, you’ll swim with sea lions, come face to face with great white sharks and assist with conservation projects. Your duties will allow you to explore our amazing environment by foot, kayak, bicycle, and boat, taking only photographs and leaving only footprints.”

It also mentions talking to wallabies, cuddling koalas, sunbathing with seals, feeing echidnas and playing with dolphins in the crystal clear waters. Well, the world’s most amazing job might have already gone – but we’ll certainly be on the look out for similar positions.

5 of the Most Fun Jobs in the World

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What’s your dream job? Share your aspirations below!

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