Things I’ve Been Up To Since My Last Blog Post

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Oh hello, blog world! Nice to see you again!

You may be wondering… Where the heck have you been, Alyssa? What could possibly be more important than writing in this space ~once a week? What have you been up to?

Well the truth is, friends, QUITE a lot. Since the last time I blogged (in March of 2017… yikes!), I’ve been busy…

Putting in ALL the hours at my job – My workload ramped WAY up in the past several months – more responsibilities, more work and people to manage, and many days where I feel like I’m putting out a series of small fires and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Fun stuff. It’s stressful at time, but I enjoy it, especially because it grants me the freedom to do things like…

Starting my own business – I think everyone to some degree wants to own their own business, and I definitely had that desire as well. But my problem was – I didn’t actually have a business idea. But back in December 2016 that changed and a realized a need that was right in front of my face, all because of a certain bear. You see, having an extra large dog, like Georgie, your collar options become extremely limited. And if you want seasonal bandanas? Forget about it. So I decided to start creating and selling them myself, and in January 2017, Big Dog Plaid was created.Big Dog PlaidOur mission is to create extra large collars and bandanas for extra large dogs, that are strong enough to stand up to their day-to-day and will fit their extra large and lovable necks. AND to give back to the community while doing it – a portion of all proceeds from our flagship bandana, the “Anchors Aweigh” print, are donated to service organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project.

It’s been exciting, stressful, and a bit of financial risk taking this leap, but it’s been so meaningful to create something that’s all my own that I know benefits others. Speaking of others, remember Mike, my darling boyfriend?

Buying a house – Yup, we are officially home (err, condo) owners! Mike has had a busy last few months on his own – he successfully transitioned out of the military and got a civilian job working in the San Diego area. And since we figured we’d be sticking around for a while, we decided to put some roots down and buy our own place. We weren’t expecting for hit to happen so quickly, in fact, we were ready to rent, but we walked into this beautiful, recently remodeled 3 bedroom condo in north PB and just knew. A little over a month later, we were moving in!

Our New House

And I can’t tell you HOW happy I am to know that will be our last move for a very long time. It’s been so fun to start to settle in and turn this house into a home (lots of decorating pictures to come) for our future life because we’ve also been busy…

-Getting engaged! – On the last day of April, on a beautiful Sunday day in La Jolla, Mike proposed 🙂 I don’t want to give away too many details because this story definitely deserves its own blog post, but suffice it to say it was a total surprise and we are so happy to take this next step together.

Our Engagement

And I think that’s pretty much the long and short of it. But as you can see, things have been busy around here! And I’m excited to continue telling you all about it 🙂 Talk soon (promise!)

  • Ellis Beardsley

    Yay congratulations on getting engaged! I loved wedding planning — hope you have so much fun with the process!



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