What I've Learned from One Year of Blogging

Hello and welcome to Alyssa with an A!

If you’re here, then obviously, you’re intuitive and brilliant, so I know what you’re thinking… “Yes, Alyssa with an A, we can see that.”

But you know what? Some people can’t. Namely, baristas EVERYWHERE.

So between that and my love of writing (plus the fact that ¾ of my names begin with “A”), Alyssa with an A was born in early 2015.

Other things you should know about me (other than how I spell my name, which by now, hopefully we’ve successfully established…):

Like many San Diego residents, I’m a transplant. I moved here shortly after graduating from Penn State University. Home-base for now is Northern Virginia, where my parents and three brothers live.

Hanging out in DC with my youngest brother, Noah, casually failing at monument photos

Hanging out in DC with my youngest brother, Noah, casually failing at monument photos

As a Navy brat, I grew up moving around the U.S. I was born in Monterey, California (so really I’m just getting back to my Cali roots), but my dad’s career took us to Florida, Virginia, Mississippi, Hawaii, and back to Virginia again. I can’t seem to escape the Navy transplant lifestyle, or the men for that matter… Mike, my boyfriend, is a naval officer. We’ve been together for a little over three years, and for a year and a half of that time, he was stationed in Italy. You can read all about my thoughts of love, life and LDRs here.

Before one of many friends' weddings in July 2014

I currently work as a digital marketing manager at one San Diego’s fastest growing agencies, and I absolutely love it.

When I’m not at work, you can find me adventuring around and outside of San Diego, hanging out with Mike and our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Georgie, trying new workouts, reliving my glory days as a Penn State Lionette, and of course, blogging here.

For now, I think that’s Alyssa with an A in a nutshell. If you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂

Alyssa is also the founder of Big Dog Plaid, a retail company that specializes in high end collars and bandanas for extra large & lovable dogs.